Derek Carr throws his support behind Alvin Kamara amid contract holdout

"They're just different from everybody else."
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When speaking to the media on Thursday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr had nothing but good things to say about Alvin Kamara, who left minicamp earlier in the week due to wanting a new contract. Kamara had been in attendance and everything was peachy keen until he abruptly left. His agent went on the record saying that this was indeed contract-related.

Carr praised his running back during his presser, noting that he's played with a lot of good running backs but Kamara is different. He told a story about how he handed the ball off to Kamara once and didn't think he'd be able to do anything with the small hole the offensive line opened up for him but noted, "God blessed him with those first three steps. They're just different from everybody else."

Derek Carr sings Alvin Kamara's praises despite contract holdout

Carr clearly wants to see his running back stick around. He knows that the Saints offense is better when Kamara is the one taking the handoffs and trying to pop off a big run. But can the Saints afford to give Kamara what he wants?

The Saints are going to have to make a decision on Kamara. Do they pay him the type of contract he wants or is it time to look into trading him and moving on with the running backs they have?

Behind Kamara on the depth chart are Jamaal Williams and Kendre Miller, neither of whom tore it up last season. There's no debating how talented Kamara is and Carr knows this team is better with him on the field.

It might not be up to Carr to decide if the running back gets paid. The NFL has skewed away from paying running backs big-time money these days due to the wear and tear on their bodies. Kamara is entering his age-29 season, which is considered old for NFL running backs. That being said, he had nearly 700 rushing yards in 13 starts last year and found the end zone five times. Kamara proved he had plenty left in the tank.

We know how Derek Carr feels about Alvin Kamara. What will the New Orleans Saints decide to do?