Derek Carr ranks behind Mac Jones and Kenny Pickett in the saddest category

Whomp whomp.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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The New Orleans Saints had high expectations when they signed Derek Carr last offseason. While the Saints finished the 2023 season with a winning record, the team missed the playoffs for the third straight season and there was a lot of chatter if the Saints made the wrong decision bringing Carr in.

We're not here to talk about the X's and O's today though. No, this post will be about merch sales and how Carr trailed in that category to quarterbacks who aren't even with the same team anymore.

According to the Year-End Top 50 NFL Player Sales List from NFLPA, Carr did not make the top 50 in merch sales. That part might not be all that sad but it becomes a depressing statistic when you see the list and guys like Mac Jones and Kenny Pickett are in the top 50. More people bought merch for Pickett and Jones and neither of those players are on the teams they played for last season. Yikes.

Derek Carr left off merch sales list

Not only did Carr not make the cut, but no members of the Saints did. Typically, at least the quarterback gets some love on these lists since they're the one player that casual fans know of but the Saints have some stars on their roster. It's a little surprising to see guys like Alvin Kamara and Chris Olave left off the list.




Jalen Hurts


Jason Kelce


Patrick Mahomes


Travis Kelce


Christian McCaffrey

The top five of the NFLPA sales include two members of the Eagles, two members of the Chiefs, and one player from the 49ers. These teams aren't surprising to see at the top considering they've all appeared in a Super Bowl over the past two years.

Carr not making the cut is a bit surprising and shows that Saints fans haven't bought into him. He was brought to New Orleans to help the team make the playoffs again and while football is a team sport, as a quarterback, the blame is going to fall on his shoulders. It's bad enough not seeing him make the rankings but to see Jones and Pickett, two bad quarterbacks who aren't even with the same team anymore, above him is just plain pathetic.