Derek Carr has the best possible birthday to troll Falcons fans

Happy birthday to QB1!

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

March 28th is New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr's birthday. While birthdays are fun enough on their own, there's something so much sweeter about Carr's birthday. It's not often that a birthday can serve as a celebration for a player and as a dunk on another team but Carr's birthday does just that.

You see, Carr was born on 3-28. If you flip this around, it's 28-3, which was the score that the Atlanta Falcons led by in Super Bowl LI about halfway through the third quarter. As you'll remember, of course, the Falcons melted down in a big way on the biggest stage, allowing the New England Patriots to come from behind and force the game into overtime where they won the game on the first and only drive.

To have the starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints' birthday as a dunk on the Falcons is fantastic.

Happy birthday to Derek Carr and boo Falcons!

The Saints and Falcons rivalry is one of the most ferocious in the NFL and while the Falcons have been to a Super Bowl more recently than New Orleans, at least the Saints got the job done when they were in the big game. The Falcons choked that Super Bowl away despite holding a 25-point lead and haven't come close to sniffing the Super Bowl since.

Knowing that Derek Carr's birthday is on 3-28 wouldn't mean much to many other fanbases but for Saints fans, it's a fun thing to poke fun at the Falcons for.