Dennis Allen leaves door open on Marshon Lattimore’s future with Saints amid trade rumors

Marshon Lattimore’s future with the New Orleans Saints is a bit uncertain, but head coach Dennis Allen recently tried to bring some clarity to the situation.
Jun 13, 2023; New Orleans, LA, USA;  New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen gives instruction to
Jun 13, 2023; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen gives instruction to / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Marshon Lattimore has been a staple for the New Orleans Saints since being drafted by the team in 2017. However, after seven seasons of providing the team quality cornerback play, his future with the Saints is in question. Despite being under contract for three more seasons, a recent contract restructure, along with New Orleans’ salary cap battle, has led to trade rumors for the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback.

On Wednesday, speaking with the media at the scouting combine, head coach Dennis Allen tried his best to quiet those rumors, but he ultimately just left the door open. Allen explained that Lattimore is a big part of the team and helps New Orleans wins games. While saying that’s what’s important, Allen also said that a lot of things can happen throughout the offseason, but emphasized that Lattimore is a part of the team right now.

Dennis Allen says Marshon Lattimore is a part of Saints right now

This language certainly won’t put any trade rumors to rest. While Allen was adamant that Lattimore is a part of the team, and plays a big role for New Orleans, Allen didn’t make any definitive statements. Choosing to use “right now” and saying that a lot can happen throughout the offseason certainly sounds like there’s a possibility that Lattimore could be on a different roster when next season starts.

Allen also decided to bring up Lattimore’s recent injury history:

"Unfortunately, the last couple years, health has been a big factor in that. So I think the biggest thing is let's get Marshon healthy and let's see where we're at as a football team, and we'll get the right guys out there that gives us a chance to win."

Dennis Allen on Marshon Lattimore

Lattimore has played 17 total games over the last two seasons. Allen didn’t really say whether or not these recent injuries will be a factor in any decisions regarding Marshon Lattimore, but Allen did bring it up.

Ultimately, based on what Dennis Allen did and didn’t say, it sounds like the Marshon Lattimore situation will be one to monitor all offseason.