Dennis Allen could be in danger of losing Saints locker room thanks to accountability

Dennis Allen, Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Dennis Allen, Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

If things don't turn around fast when it comes to accountability for the New Orleans Saints head honcho, he may not hold the title much longer for the Saints.

It's pretty safe to say that the New Orleans Saints are at something of a crossroads as a franchise. Then again, it's pretty much felt that way ever since Drew Brees called it a career and road off into the sunset. There's no debating it anymore though, the Saints have reached the fork in the road, and they can't turn around and try and cling onto a bygone era and glory of seasons past like they've been doing, and it starts with the top; head coach and quarterback.

It's no secret that the Derek Carr signing hasn't exactly lived up to expectations, and while a lot of it isn't his fault, a lot of it also is, and we have to call it like that. The problem is head coach Dennis Allen's recent comments when he was trying to have his quarterback's came off as hypocritical. He stated that he wouldn't point fingers of blame for Carr and the offense's red zone woes, yet had no problem for making it public that Chris Olave ran the wrong route in the end zone earlier this season.

It's that kind of lack of accountability, and slight hypocrisy, that can have a head coach, whose seat was warming up to begin with, to lose a locker room. That's what's happening with the Saints.

The defense of the Saints has outplayed the offense. There's no debating it. This has a chance to be an elite defense, but they can only do so much when it comes to the struggles of the offense. They can only roll the boulder so far uphill.

With Allen being a defensive-minded coach, he was Sean Payton's defensive coordinator after all, you would think that he would have his defenses back by holding the offense more accountable at least in the locker room.

It's an almost identical situation to what happened with Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay Buccaneers teams. The big difference is, that team had playoff success, but no Super Bowl win to show for it. Allen can't quite say that, and it appears that it's time to turn a new leaf before a mutiny ensues.

If it wasn't more clear that a new era was beyond due for the New Orleans Saints, it should be crystal clear now, even if they somehow squeak into hosting a playoff game.

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