Dennis Allen's comments about Alvin Kamara prove that he's in over his head

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
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We're entering Week 15 of the 2022 NFL regular season and Dennis Allen is just now trying to figure out a way for Alvin Kamara to be the explosive player he's typically been.

Wait -- What?

You read that right.

When speaking to the media on Monday afternoon, Allen said they're trying to figure out a way to "allow [Kamara] to be the playmaker he's been in the past".

Is Allen aware that it's Week 15? These conversations should have been had MONTHS ago, not with four games to go in the season. It's just the cherry on top of what's been a craptastic season for Allen and his coaching staff.

Dennis Allen has no clue what he's doing

There's no debate that Kamara has struggled this year. The once-explosive running back has just three touchdowns on the year and all three of them came in one game (Week 8 against the Raiders). Kamara hasn't rushed for over 50 yards since that game and he's only had one 100-yard rushing game this season.

Comments like this one from Allen just prove that the guy is in over his head as the head coach of the Saints. He was a great defensive coordinator but that's where the train stops with him. While it doesn't appear the Saints would be bold enough to move on from him after just one season, they really should and this boneheaded comment proves just that.

Allen was handed a talented roster after Sean Payton left and while injuries were obviously out of his control, he still had an incredible weapon in Kamara. He couldn't capitalize on the third-round running back's talent though and we've seen how that's worked out for the 2022 Saints.

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Someday we'll hopefully be able to look better on this 2022 season and laugh about it but right now, the Saints appear to be stuck with Allen and that's no laughing matter.