Dennis Allen cannot be the head coach of the Saints in 2023

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Let's get this out of the way -- The New Orleans Saints made the right decision when they hired Dennis Allen after Sean Payton parted ways from the franchise. Allen had proven to be a valuable member of the organization as the team's defensive coordinator and while his previous head coaching tenure hadn't gone smoothly, a lot of time had passed between then and now.

Well, after nine weeks Allen has shown that he didn't learn much from his failed stint with the Raiders in which he only won eight games in a little over two years as the head coach in Oakland. He has the Saints at 3-6 right now and things just continue to get worse with this team.

I'll admit that I was fully onboard with the Saints hiring Allen over some of the other coaching candidates because the team had a good roster and it didn't feel like him taking over would be a tough challenge. Clearly the roster isn't good and that means Allen can't be the guy moving forward.

Saints need to part ways with Dennis Allen after this season... or sooner.

While I don't see New Orleans firing Allen midseason, especially with all that he's done to build up their defense, he should not be the head coach of this team when the 2023 offseason begins. Sean Payton isn't walking back in the door but there will be candidates worth taking a chance on who can help take advantage of what's on this roster. That guy isn't Allen.

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The Saints did what they felt the right thing was when they hired Dennis Allen this offseason but it's not working out. That doesn't mean they have to stick with him and let him tank this team for the next several years. Admit it didn't work out and move on.