Demario Davis adds fuel to the excitement fire for Saints fans

Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints
Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

One of the leaders of the New Orleans Saints defense basically tells Saints fans to buckle up, thanks in large part to the new leader of the offense.

During the media session the New Orleans Saints hosted after their practice, stud linebacker Demario Davis, who recently rejoined the team on the practice field himself, seemed giddy with glee about what's happening in the Big Easy. As if expectations weren't high enough already for this season among Saints fans due in large part to the landscape of the division and conference, plus new quarterback Derek Carr, Davis gave fans all the more reason to be even more excited when the 2023 NFL season finally kicks off in two weeks time.

When talking about expectations for the upcoming season, Davis had this to say:

"If you believe in the Saints and you're a fan of the Saints, you should be excited right now. That's all I'll say."

Saints linebacker Demario Davis

When asked about specifics as to why we should all feel this way, all Davis would say is that the reasons were undisclosed. This man is a natural pot-stirrer in that regard.

However, as we mentioned one of the big reasons excitment is so high is that the Saints have what could very well be their next franchise quarterback after Drew Brees walked into the sunset. On the topic of Carr, the linebacker had glowing reviews for his new quarterback.

A team leader speaking so highly of a completely new team leader on the opposite side of the ball is certrainly nothing to sneeze at. Between the solid play of Carr in limited preseason action and the praises of teammates and coaches alike, it seems that Carr is going to find himself a nice little home in the Bayou.

Excitement is high for fans of the New Orleans Saints. Thanks to Demario Davis, and Derek Carr, it's safe to say we've reached a fever pitch.