Coach rankings show others feel the same way about Dennis Allen as Saints fans

New Orleans Saints fans have been very vocal about their lack of support for head coach Dennis Allen, and a recent head coach ranking justifies fans’ feelings.
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New Orleans Saints fans aren’t hesitant to tell you how they feel about anything, especially head coach Dennis Allen. Simply put, a lot of Saints fans are not fond of Allen as the team’s head coach. It’s hard to say if it’s the majority of Saints fans, but Allen’s detractors are definitely far more vocal than his supporters.

Unfortunately for Allen and his supporters, New Orleans fans aren’t the only people disapproving of him; a lot of critics share the same belief. That was evident in a recent head coach ranking done by Jarrett Bailey for USA Today. Allen, entering his third season as head coach in New Orleans, was ranked last at No. 32 on the list.

Once Saints fans learned of this standing, some argued that it’s time for Allen to prove everyone wrong, while others agreed that Allen deserved to be at the bottom of the list.

Saints Dennis Allen ranked worst head coach in the NFL

Bailey had a hilarious description for Allen, saying that he “is the head coaching version of sitting on a whoopie cushion.” What exactly that means, not entirely sure. However, Bailey went on to say that New Orleans is just in a state of mediocrity with Dennis Allen, and quarterback Derek Carr, and every season the franchise keeps them around is just delaying the inevitable rebuild.

That seems to be the sentiment league wide. That’s why it seems like the 2024 season has to be a make-or-break year for the Saints. If New Orleans has another mediocre season, finishing around 500 and missing the playoffs, it’ll be hard to justify keeping everyone around. Allen will either prove that he’s not one of the worst coaches in the NFL, or he’ll be searching for another job. It seems like Saints fans are comfortable with both outcomes.