Chris Olave’s one goal for 2024 is something Saints fans can get behind

Wide receiver Chris Olave is already preparing for his third season with the New Orleans Saints and he has one goal for the 2024 NFL season.
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Wide receiver Chris Olave has quickly gone from the 2022 first-round pick of the New Orleans Saints to the team’s No. 1 receiver that’s preparing for his third season in the NFL. It didn’t take long for Olave to establish himself as a quality receiver in the league. As a rookie, he caught 72 passes for 1,042 yards and four touchdowns. In year two, Olave elevated those numbers to 87 receptions for 1,123 yards and five touchdowns.

However, despite the promising start to Olave’s career, the team success hasn’t been there for the Saints the last two years. In 2022, Olave’s rookie season, New Orleans finished with a 7-10 record. In 2023, the team improved to 9-8 but they still missed the postseason. Now, as Olave prepares for year three, he’s focused on one thing.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Olave was asked what he wants out of the 2024 season. He kept it simple, answering, “Super Bowl, baby.”

Chris Olave has his sights set on the Saints winning a Super Bowl

It was clear that this is something Olave has been thinking about, because he followed his statement up by highlighting that next season’s Super Bowl will be in New Orleans at the Superdome. What better way for the Saints to get their second Super Bowl in franchise history than at home.

New Orleans has a lot of work to do throughout the offseason in order for that to be a reality. Although the Saints were a game away from the postseason, they played a lot of bad football throughout the year and struggled against inferior teams. They’ll need to upgrade the roster this offseason and get everyone on the same page heading into next season. If they can’t do that, Chris Olave and the Saints will be watching someone else celebrate on their home field.