Main reason Cameron Jordan's comments can backfire on Saints

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings, Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings, Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

The leader of the New Orleans Saints took a shot at the Minnesota Vikings quarterback. There's one factor that may come back to bite the Saints though.

When it comes to the dog days of summer period of the NFL offseason, headlines will come from the funniest and most peculiar of places. Anything to talk about football, and Cameron Jordan, the leader of the New Orleans Saints, provided Saints fans, and football fans in general, with conversation fodder over the other day.

Jordan took part in Von Miller's pass rush summit, and when he had the chance to speak, he notably took a playful, but notable, shot at Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

There's actually a decent amount to take in here, but there is a potential problem for the Saints, that very well could rear its ugly head.

Never mind the fact that Captain Kirk's lone playoff win came at the expense of the Saints in the Superdome, which certainly gives Vikings fans ammo when it comes to angrily tweeting in response to what Jordan said, but there's something even more significant as it pertains to the Saints.

The Saints and the Vikings play each other this season in week ten at Minnesota, and the kickoff time is noon CST. The problem is that the early afternoon window is where Cousins tends to look like a top tier quarterback and evolve into his stronger form of "Kirk Chainz". Primetime is where it gets dicey, and it's a shame the schedule makers give this game this time slot for the Saints.

At the end of the day, this will more likely than not be forgotten, by like, tomorrow. That is until the times comes when the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings are due to take the field. While the quote by Cameron Jordan is funny, should things not work out for the team he leads, we might not be laughing as hard, if at all. Just something to think about.