Cam Jordan details fun packages the Saints can run with Chase Young

With veteran defensive lineman Chase Young added to a group with Cam Jordan and Carl Granderson, the New Orleans Saints pass rush should be better in 2024.
New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It’s been pretty clear since the deal was first announced, but Cam Jordan is extremely happy that Chase Young is now a member of the New Orleans Saints. The Saints desperately needed help getting after opposing quarterbacks, and Young can provide that help. Of course Jordan, who loves seeing quarterbacks hit the ground, is excited about the possibility of bringing QBs down with Chase Young.

In an interview Jordan had earlier in the offseason, the veteran defensive lineman explained how he was envisioning a three-headed monster of sorts with him, Young, and Carl Granderson. Now, in a recent interview, Jordan is going into even more depth about how the three can work together.

On an episode of NFL Network’s Total Access, Jordan reiterated that having Chase Young will be great for the Saints defense. He went on to describe the vision he has of him, Young, and Granderson all on the field together on a crucial third down.

"At some point in my mind, I'm spinning like it's going to be me, Chase and Carl Granderson on the field at the same time on a crucial third down and I'm probably going to have to go in the middle. I don't care. Whatever it takes. I'll line up and be that Za’Darius Smith over the middle roaming and trying to get active. I think it adds another weapon to our defense."

Cam Jordan

Cam Jordan is excited to rush quarterbacks alongside Chase Young and Carl Granderson

Jordan points this out because all three players are defensive ends. In the majority of defensive packages, there are only two defensive ends on the field at a time. However, teams do utilize special pass-rush packages where three to four defensive ends can be on the field at a single time. Clearly, the Saints are planning to do that throughout the season.

Health will certainly be an important factor to get the most out of this package. Jordan dealt with an ankle injury throughout last season, and that’s a big reason why his production was uncharacteristically low. Young underwent a neck surgery this offseason, but is already working his way back. If the three can stay healthy, the Saints should have a much-improved pass rush.