Cam Jordan has a bone to pick with the NFL schedule-makers

"You're rude!"
Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The NFL schedule is out for the 2024 season so we now know when the New Orleans Saints will be playing each of their games. Someone who isn't thrilled with the schedule release is defensive end Cam Jordan, who popped off on X about the Saints having to play in the cold during the back half of the schedule.

Jordan said that the schedule-makers are rude for making his Saints play in New Jersey and Green Bay in December when it's traditionally cold outside. Jordan and the Saints play in a dome in a warmer-weather city so it makes perfect sense that he'd be bothered by this.

The Browns game that Jordan is referring took place in 2022 when the Saints had to play in Cleveland in late December. While they won that game by the skin of their teeth, it was 6 degrees outside and the Saints players were not having a good time. Watching the game on the TV even seemed miserable but the Saints grinded out a win.

Jordan, however, has kept that game close to his chest and is not looking forward to playing in the frigid temperatures late in the season once again. If he had things his way, these games against the Giants and Packers would take place earlier in the season, or if they have to be late in the year, they'd be held indoors.

Unfortunately, Jordan doesn't make the schedule so he'll need to buck up and prepare for some cold-weather games in December.