Bizarre Archie Manning news report sent Saints fans into a total panic

A recent headline about former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning had fans concerned for the legendary Ole Miss Rebel.
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New Orleans Saints legend Archie Manning is alive and well. However, many football fans were concerned about the patriarch of the Manning family on Tuesday evening, thanks to a sensationalized headline form the Clarion Ledger, a newspaper that’s apart of the USA TODAY Network, and based out of Jackson, Mississippi.

On Tuesday, the Clarion Ledger published a piece with the headline: “Archie Manning: Ole Miss football legend is 75: Dad of Eli, Peyton, grandfather of Arch.” The piece was even shared to social media with the caption: “Archie Manning: Ole Miss football legend, dad of Eli, Peyton, grandfather of Arch, is 75.” The actual article was just a collection of Archie Manning pictures; the only words were the headline and picture captions.

Naturally, when fans read that kind of phrasing, they assume the worst news to be revealed at the end of the sentence, because that’s usually the case. However, this time, the Clarion Ledger just announced that Archie Manning is 75.

Archie Manning is alive and well

To make matters worse, Tuesday wasn’t even Manning’s birthday. He turned 75 back on May 19, so this dramatic announcement of his age was just to rile up fans. Everyone is relieved to know that the elder Manning is doing fine, and in fact, he was just at the annual Manning Passing Academy that took place this past weekend, and had several football conversations with media members.

Manning, of course, is the father of legendary quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, and the grandfather of Texas quarterback Arch Manning. Before his sons became stars, he had his own career, playing 14 years in the NFL— 12 of those with the New Orleans Saints. He was two-time Pro Bowler during his time in New Orleans, and he’s also in the team’s Ring of Honor and Hall of Fame. The Clarion Ledger also wants you to know that he’s 75.