A big move the Saints could still make to improve this offseason

With the 2024 NFL season approaching, the New Orleans Saints still have room for improvement. Here’s a move they could make to prepare for the year.
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The New Orleans Saints have had a relatively dull offseason, but they did have quite a few free agency signings, and intriguing draft picks, that will hopefully help the team improve. Last season, the Saints were 9-8, tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the best record in the NFC South. However, due to tiebreakers, Tampa Bay won the division and New Orleans missed the playoffs for a third straight year.

The Saints are hoping to end that streak in 2024. They’ll strive to win more than nine games and return to the playoffs. Does New Orleans have the roster to accomplish that? Probably, however, it doesn’t hurt to make more moves to be sure.

Matt Holder, in a recent piece for Bleacher Report, named one move every team still needs to make. For New Orleans, Holder suggested the team signs veteran offensive lineman Donovan Smith.

Bleacher Report says Saints should sign Donovan Smith

Holder explained that while New Orleans has rookie Taliese Fuaga at left tackle and Trevor Penning currently lining up at right tackle while Ryan Ramczyk is dealing with a knee issue, both young linemen have concerns. Smith could be a great insurance option if one of them isn’t ready, and a great veteran depth option if they are.

This is definitely a move that would make a lot of sense for the Saints. Smith is entering his 10th year in the NFL, and has been a solid starting lineman throughout his career. He spent his first eight years in he league with the Buccaneers, winning a Super Bowl with them, before joining the Kansas City Chiefs last season for their Super Bowl run.

With the uncertainty surrounding Ryan Ramczyk’s knee, as well as the unknown of how Fuaga and Penning will actually pan out, bringing in Smith makes a ton of sense for New Orleans if the franchise can afford the move.