Best and worst from Andy Dalton in Week 13 loss vs Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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New Orleans Saints fans are still scratching their head after the team found a way to lose despite leading by 13 points with a little over five and a half minutes remaining. Andy Dalton was not to blame for this baffling defeat and actually played quite well.

The former Bengals, Cowboys, and Bears quarterback went 20-of-28 for 229 yards and a touchdown. He didn't throw any picks and was sacked twice.

Let's check out the good and the bad from the Red Rifle in his 10th start as a Saint.

Worst from Andy Dalton

I'll start with the bad since Dalton, for the most part, played pretty well.

There were a few options to pick from but I'm going with a missed opportunity late in the game. Right after Mark Ingram stupidly ran out of bounds one-yard shy of the first-down marker despite no Bucs defenders being close enough to him to merit him doing this, the Saints had 3rd-and-1 and were still up 16-3 at the time.

Dalton decided to throw the ball in a tight window to Marquez Callaway and we now know that it wasn't the right decision. Jeff Duncan explained that the pass was supposed to go to fullback Adam Prentice but Dalton didn't go with the plan.

Yes, I'd say that Dalton wishes he had this throw back. I'm not blaming Dalton for the loss since the Saints shouldn't have had 3rd-and-1 there in the first place but he should have put the ball where it needed to go instead of trying to make something happen.

Best from Andy Dalton

Rather than go with a singular play, I'll include a drive from Dalton that was his best of the game.

On the drive that ended with a touchdown pass from Dalton to Taysom Hill, the Red Rifle put together several key throws that helped get the good guys in the end zone to put them up 10-3. Obviously there was the 30-yard strike to Hill in the end zone but Dalton also had clutch throws to both Rashid Shaheed and Adam Trautman to put the Saints in that position to begin with.

This truly was the best moment for Andy Dalton during what ended up being a very gross game for the rest of the team.

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Let's hear your best and worst from the Saints quarterback in his 10th start of the season.