The 5 best quarterbacks Saints will face in 2024, and how New Orleans can beat them

The New Orleans Saints may have the easiest schedule in the NFL in terms of last year’s win percentage, but they will still face some elite quarterbacks.
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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1. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

The toughest quarterback that the Saints will face next year is Patrick Mahomes. This is an easy choice as Mahomes is up there with all-time great quarterbacks. The Saints will face the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium; it is bound to be one of the most difficult matchups of the year.

There isn’t an easy way to stop Mahomes. If there was, then every team would try to do that. One of the biggest things that the Saints have to do if they want to stop Mahomes is to make his receivers make plays (besides Travis Kelce). Last year the Chiefs lost a total of six games, in those games Mahomes’s stats took a hit. In the games where the Chiefs lost, his touchdown to interception ratio was 7:7; in the 11 wins his ratio was 20:7. In addition to this Mahomes’s completion percent dropped from 72.17% in wins, to 59.3% in losses. If the Saints can make Patrick Mahomes’ life tough by making his receivers make plays, it would significantly benefit them.

Some keys that New Orleans needs to strive for to win is to have tight coverage, force turnovers, get a strong pass rush, and force Chiefs receivers to make plays. Even if they succeed in getting all of these keys, it will still be a tall task to contain Patrick Mahomes.