The 5 best quarterbacks Saints will face in 2024, and how New Orleans can beat them

The New Orleans Saints may have the easiest schedule in the NFL in terms of last year’s win percentage, but they will still face some elite quarterbacks.
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2. Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts was looked at to be an MVP candidate before the Eagle's downfall, starting in Week 13. Although they had a terrible end to the season, Hurts is still a top quarterback in the league. His mobility provides a challenge that the Saints defense will have to answer. 

Jalen Hurts combines his elite speed and athleticism with an amazing arm to make him one of the most feared quarterbacks in the league. Again, the Saints have struggled with quarterbacks who have mobility. The additions of Chase Young and Willie Gay should help to contain Hurts. But, the Eagles have one of the top wide receiver rooms in the league in addition to Hurts. AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith provide another obstacle for the Saints defense. This makes it so that the secondary will have their work cut out for them in addition to the defensive line.

After their Week 13 loss to the 49ers, a reporter asked defensive end Nick Bosa about how they stopped Jalen Hurts. Bosa stated, “Jalen’s looking at the rush every play, so yeah, you just have to be disciplined and not give him that quick escape route where he can get to his guys quick and it paid off”. This is a formula that many teams used after that week which worked out well. The Saints should follow this framework when trying to prepare for whenever they face the Eagles.