The 5 best quarterbacks Saints will face in 2024, and how New Orleans can beat them

The New Orleans Saints may have the easiest schedule in the NFL in terms of last year’s win percentage, but they will still face some elite quarterbacks.
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3. Justin Herbert - Los Angeles Chargers

Although the Chargers disappointed many fans last year, Justin Herbert is still an extremely dangerous quarterback to play against. The Chargers offense may not look stellar on paper, but with Justin Herbert at the helm, they still can be dynamic. 

The Saints need to force someone else, besides Herbert, to beat them. This starts by stopping the run. New Orleans struggled with stopping last year. The Chargers added new head coach Jim Harbaugh who loves to run. They did lose Austin Ekeler to the Washington Commanders but in his place, they added running backs JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. When healthy, both of these running backs have proven that they are capable of producing. These factors make it pivotal that the Saints stop the run.

This offseason the Chargers lost both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, huge targets for Herbert. The Saints should jump on this and play tight against the Chargers depleted receiving core. Making Justin Herbert rely on his receivers to get open against what could, and possibly should, be considered an elite secondary is exactly the place that the Saints want the Chargers to be in. The Saints need to rely on the strength of their team, the secondary, if they want to slow down Justin Herbert and the Chargers offense.