A bargain-bin free agent that could end up with the Saints for the 2024 season

As training camp approaches, there are a ton of veteran free agents still available. Some of those players could find their way to the New Orleans Saints.
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Soon, all 32 NFL teams will start training camp, preparing for the 2024 NFL season. While reporting dates are around the corner, plenty of veterans remain unsigned. This is typical for this time of the offseason; established players usually wait towards the end of the offseason to sign the best deal, in the best situation.

Kristopher Knox recently highlighted 10 of those free agents in a piece for Bleacher Report, also naming teams the veterans could help in 2024. On the list was veteran receiver Hunter Renfrow, and unsurprisingly, the New Orleans Saints were named as an ideal landing spot for Renfrow.

Should the Saints take a flier on Hunter Renfrow?

Knox detailed that Renfrow is only 28 years old, and despite unproductive seasons the last two years, the veteran was a Pro Bowl receiver in 2021. Under the right circumstances, Renfrow can recreate the magic that made him one of the game’s top slot receivers.

"Renfrow showed in 2021 that he can be an effective slot option. He had 103 catches for 1,038 yards and nine touchdowns that season. There's little reason to believe that Renfrow can't return to form if healthy."

Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report)

As Knox put it, “the New Orleans Saints are a logical destination for Renfrow.” This argument has been made all offseason because Renfrow used to catch passes from Saints quarterback Derek Carr. In addition to their connection, New Orleans is in search of a WR3.

The Saints have the promising A.T. Perry returning for his second year, and they also signed veteran Cedrick Wilson and drafted Bub Means. The expectation is one of those guys will emerge as the third receiver next to Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed. However, if New Orleans isn’t impressed with those guys in camp, Hunter Renfrow could receive a call.