If this is the asking price for Derek Carr, the Saints should not trade for him

Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints
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Derek Carr is probably going to be available this offseason via a trade with his current team and the New Orleans Saints should definitely be interested in adding the former second-round pick. It might be difficult for the team to do, however, as they're without a first-round pick and tight on money.

That didn't stop Jeff Howe of The Athletic from coming up with a trade scenario for Carr that would not put the Saints in a good spot moving forward, even if they did land a decent quarterback in the process.

Howe wrote that the Saints should surrender their second, fourth, and fifth round picks from this year's draft to land Carr. Assuming they don't end up trading Sean Payton, that'd leave them with three picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Carr is a good quarterback but he's not good enough to surrender three picks in one draft for. Carr is the type of quarterback who can win with a decent team around him but he's probably not going to be able to carry them on his own.

The Saints need to run far away from this trade or any like it.

Yes, Carr would give the Saints a decent signal-caller for the next few years but he's not worth this big of a haul. At that point, New Orleans would be better off just re-signing Andy Dalton and drafting someone like Hendon Hooker if he's available in the second round.

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Carr is going to have many suitors vying for his services this offseason and while the Saints make sense as a trade candidate, this particular trade is too rich for the New Orleans Saints' blood.