6 low-key options for New Orleans Saints that are flying under the radar in the draft

New Orleans Saints, 2023 NFL Draft
New Orleans Saints, 2023 NFL Draft / Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
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Saints low-key option No. 4: Payne Durham, TE, Purdue

Tight end is a need for the Saints but it might not be their top priority. There will be a temptation to use their No. 1 pick on someone at the position but unless that's Dalton Kincaid or Michael Mayer, that wouldn't make sense.

This class is simply too loaded at tight end to reach for a player. There will be talented tight ends that can contribute right away in nearly every round. In fact, this class is so stacked that some of the players seem to be forgotten about.

One such prospect is Payne Durham from Purdue. At 6-foot-6 and 253 pounds, Durham was built to play the position. During his time with the Boilermakers, he had 126 receptions for 1,275 yards and 21 touchdowns but did much more than just catch the ball. He was also a willing blocker at the line of scrimmage, which should help him see the field as a rookie.

The only issue with Durham seems to be the class around him. Players such as Zack Kuntz from Old Dominion blew up at the Scouting Combine and Darnell Washington looks like a tank in a football uniform. That's left Durham flying under the radar but that will be just fine for whoever winds up selecting him since they'll be getting a bargain.