5 teams the Saints have the best record against in the NFL

It'd be cool if the Saints could play these teams every week!
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

In sports, it's common for a team to have another team's number. The New Orleans Saints aren't excluded from this and have teams they've been able to dominate throughout their franchise history. Let's take a look at the five teams the Saints have had the most success against, according to Pro Football Reference.

5. Buffalo Bills

  • Record: 7-5
  • Winning Percentage: .583

Kicking off our list are the Bills, who the Saints own a .583 winning percentage against. The series is pretty tight with the Saints only sitting two games above .500 against the Bills. New Orleans had ridden a five-game win streak vs. Buffalo that spanned for nearly 20 years. The Bills ended that streak when the two met up on Thanksgiving in 2021, blowing out NOLA 31 to 6.

T2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Record: 40-24
  • Winning Percentage: .625

We have a three-way tie for second place and one of the teams in this tie is the Buccaneers, who the Saints have a winning percentage of .625 against. These two teams are no strangers, playing each other twice a year with the Saints edging out the Bucs 40-24 in the series.

Weird things can happen in divisional games, evidenced by some bad Bucs teams beating the Saints when they were in their prime and vice versa. That being said, the Saints have a pretty big advantage in the head-to-head match-ups here so it'll take some time for the Bucs to catch up.

T2. Seattle Seahawks

  • Record: 10-6
  • Winning Percentage: .625

Continuing on with the three-way tie for second place we have the Seahawks, who the Saints are 10-6 against with a winning percentage of .625. Some might be confused not to see more match-ups between these two teams since they're both in the NFC but the Seahawks didn't move to the NFC until 2002 when the league expanded and the divisions had to be shaken up to accomodate the Texans.

New Orleans is riding a four-game win streak against the Seahawks dating back to the 2016 season. The most recent match-up between these two came in 2022 when NOLA won 39 to 32, giving them their fourth-straight win over Seattle.

T2. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Record: 5-3
  • Winning Percentage: .625

The last team in the three-way tie is the Jaguars, who the Saints are 5-3 against. The Saints had been enjoying a four-game win streak over Jacksonville but that streak came to an end in 2023 when the Jaguars won 31 to 24. These two don't play often due to being in different conferences so a two-game lead over the Jags is safe for a little while longer.

1. Indianapolis Colts

  • Record: 9-5
  • Winning Percentage: .643

The team that the Saints have had the most success against is the Colts, who they own a winning percentage of .643 against. The most famous Saints/Colts match-up is obviously Super Bowl XLIV where NOLA outlasted the Colts for their first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Funny enough, that win ended a two-game losing streak to the Colts and kicked off a five-game win streak that's still going, as of this writing. It's strange that the Saints have had so much success against the Colts, only dropping two games to them during the Peyton Manning era. Not many teams were as good against Manning as the Saints were.

With these teams residing in different conferences, it'll take some time for the Colts to try to close the gap. The last meeting was in 2023 with New Orleans winning it 38 to 27.