5 New Orleans Saints who are certified building blocks for the future

  • Isaiah Foskey is a natural-born stud
  • Trevor Penning will be a centerpiece of Saints' offensive line
  • Chris Olave has yet to reach his true potential
New Orleans Saints
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2. Trevor Penning, Left Tackle

Not every building block on the roster is a draft pick from 2023, as we now look at one of their two selections in Round 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft. Trevor Penning was the Saints' second pick in that round, joining them at No. 19 overall.

A product of Northern Iowa, Penning had all the tools to be a star but the only concern was the level of talent he played against. Despite not playing for a powerhouse school, Lance Zierlein of NFL.com praised him for his playing style, even highlighting the edge he plays with — saying he had disgust for his opposition.

"Three-year starter at left tackle with outstanding measurables on a low-cut, well-built frame. Penning plays with a level of disgust for anyone lining up against him and seeks out violent block finishes when possible. He's athletic enough to block on the move and has the potential to shine as a powerful drive blocker. Size, length and know-how have been more than enough to ward off FCS pass rushers, but he needs to operate with better inside-out positioning while developing much firmer edges to succeed against a more talented group of quarterback hunters. "

Zierlein, NFL.com

A massive man at 6-foot-7 and 321 pounds, Penning only played in six games as a rookie due to a torn ligament in his foot. Now healthy, he's expected to take his place as the starting left tackle.

He not only has the talent to hold that job down this season but should be the new centerpiece of their offensive line.