5 biggest weaknesses on the New Orleans Saints roster

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3. Interior offensive line

This one has to be frustrating for the Saints since they've invested a lot on the offensive line. They have several first-round picks including both tackles Ryan Ramczyk (2017) and Trevor Penning (2022), and both guards Cesar Ruiz (2020), and Andrus Peat (2015).

Erik McCoy is the lone starter that wasn't taken in the opening round, joining them in 2019 out of Texas A&M as the 48th pick.

So far, this attention to the offensive line has worked on the edges but the interior leaves a lot to be desired. Both Ramczyk and Penning fared well according to PFF, coming in with a 77.9 and 73.6 grade respectively. Of course, Penning will really be tested now as he moves to a starter full-time but he's held his own when given a shot.

On the inside, it's been a different story. McCoy has been the best of the trio but still came in with a 61.2 according to PFF which landed him 23rd overall in the league at center. That's still starting-caliber but it's far from elite.

Ruiz and Peat, on the other hand, had 56.6 and 50.6. That put Ruiz at No. 59 and Peat was 68th in the league.

Having said all of this, PFF isn't a perfect grading system but those numbers are concerning. Perhaps they'll look better in 2023 with Derek Carr and Jamaal Williams behind them but this still feels like a weakness at this point.