4 Saints players who could lose their jobs to rookies

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2. Khalen Saunders could lose starting spot to Bryan Bresee

It's never easy to replace starters but the Saints had it especially tough when it comes to the defensive line this year. They had two very capable starters in David Onyemata and Shy Tuttle, but they each hit free agency this offseason.

Onyemata ended up with the Atlanta Falcons after agreeing to a three-year, $35 million contract and Tuttle signed with the Carolina Panthers, landing a three-year, $19.5 million deal. In their place will be Nathan Shepherd who signed a three-year, $15 million contract to leave the New York Jets and Khalen Saunders, who left the Kansas City Chiefs to join New Orleans on a three-year, $14.5 million contract.

Neither player signed cheap deals but they're much more affordable than what Onyemata received — and slightly less than Tuttle (slightly in NFL money that is). The only issue is, neither has been a full-time starter in their careers.

That's why it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see Bryan Bresee come in and push for a starting spot as a rookie. Bresee, who was taken 29th overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, has all the tools to be a star as a 3-tech defensive tackle. He's explosive and athletic and if he puts it all together, he can find himself a starter as early as Week 1.

If so, he would be a solid fit next to Shepherd, who stands 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds. In the end, that could be a strong starting duo and the Saints could look very wise for allowing Onyemat and Tuttle to walk.