4 positions that the Saints should double dip at in the 2024 NFL Draft

The New Orleans Saints have some needs that they’ll need to address with multiple players. Here are 4 positions the team should double dip at in the NFL Draft.
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The second position that the Saints should double dip at in the NFL Draft is the secondary. Technically, the secondary isn’t a position, but with the Saints, defense players are so versatile that I’m counting it as one. The Saints have lost talent this offseason in the secondary such as Isaac Yiadom, Marcus Maye, and Lonnie Johnson Jr. New Orleans should consider picking up a couple of players in the NFL Draft to fill their roles.

Picking up another safety to partner with Tyrann Mathieu is something that should be considered with the departure of Marcus Maye. This safety would likely play down in the box mostly, filling a similar role to Maye. The Saints could address this early in the draft, however, there are some great late-round safeties who could fill in that role. Kenny Logan Jr., Trey Taylor, and Malik Mustapha are all amazing players who could be picked up late in the draft and fill that role.

Someone to play in the slot could be beneficial to the Saints as well. If they can find someone to line up in the slot, the Saints could line up Alontae Taylor back to his natural position. Taylor has played best at outside cornerback and could benefit from moving back. An ideal selection here would be someone to play a similar role that CJ Gardner-Johnson did while he was in New Orleans. Max Melton and Mike Sainristill both have experience in the slot and could translate to the next level.

Picking up multiple players in the secondary would improve the Saints defense next year. Double dipping there is something that they should put serious thought into doing.