4 positions that the Saints should double dip at in the 2024 NFL Draft

The New Orleans Saints have some needs that they’ll need to address with multiple players. Here are 4 positions the team should double dip at in the NFL Draft.
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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There are some major questions surrounding the New Orleans Saints roster in 2024. Because of the team’s cap situation, New Orleans wasn’t really able to be aggressive in free agency, making several marginal signings instead. That leaves the roster with a few noticeable holes.

Luckily for the Saints, the NFL Draft is right around the corner. With nine total picks throughout the three-day, seven-round draft, New Orleans will be able to address certain positions twice over. That’s good, because the team will need to. Here are four different positions where the Saints should double dip in at the 2024 NFL Draft.

Wide Receiver

The first position where the Saints should double dip is at wide receiver. There are certain archetypes at receiver that the Saints need to fill. A solid X receiver and someone who can get yards after the catch. Both of these would dramatically help the Saints offense in 2024.

With the departure of Michael Thomas, the X receiver has become a position of need. It is possible that second-year wide receiver, A.T. Perry could fill that role, but it’s not a given. In the draft, there are many options to fill this role in various rounds. Players such as Xavier Legette, Keon Coleman, Johnny Wilson, or even Marcus Rosemary-Jacksaint. These players could be found in different rounds and would be great additions.

A receiver who can get yards after the catch will be vital to the Saints offense next year. With new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak, the offense is fairly similar to Kyle Shanahan's system. In that system players who can get yards after the catch, such as Deebo Samuel, are very important. Similar to the X receiver, players who can do this can be found in various spots. Players who would fill this role are Malachi Corley, Roman Wilson, Josh Cephus, and Malik Washington to name a few.

Getting an X receiver and a receiver who can get yards after the catch would be an amazing idea. Double dipping at wide receiver is definitely something that the Saints should think about doing.