4 New Orleans Saints we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

Not great.

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Trevor Penning

The easiest name to throw on here is Trevor Penning, who the Saints spent a first-round pick on in 2022. Penning hailed from a smaller school (Northern Iowa) and was injured at the start of his rookie year.

In year two, Penning was benched after just six games due to poor performance. Poor performance is putting it nicely, quite frankly, as the guy was a complete turnstile in pass protection. He was a liability during his time as a starter and the Saints were wise to bench him.

That being said, year three is going to be a massive one for Penning. The Saints recently hired Rick Dennison as their run game coordinator and this will hopefully help Penning's development. Saints fans would love for Penning to not end up being a bust but right now, he looks like the definition of a draft bust.