4 former Saints we’d like to see return in 2024

As the New Orleans Saints prepare for free agency, there are a few former Saints players that the team should consider bringing back to New Orleans.

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On Wednesday, March 13, the NFL will officially start 2024 free agency. For the New Orleans Saints, it will be a critical period as they attempt to build a better roster than the 9-8 squad from the 2023 season. That journey to a better roster starts with free agency.

Playing in arguably the worst division in football, the NFC South, the Saints understand that they’re just a few well-calculated moves away from being able to dominate a rebuilding division. Winning the division punches a team’s ticket to the playoffs, and once in the playoffs, anything could happen.

That's why New Orleans needs to accurately identify the right moves for the offseason. It’s possible that a few of the right moves could be bringing back some former Saints. New Orleans has lost some players in recent years that could have a positive impact on the team. This offseason, they’ll have the chance to get some or those players back.

Let's take a look at four former Saints that should return to New Orleans this offseason.

4. Punter Thomas Morstead

Let’s start with the legend Thomas Morstead. After playing with the Saints for 11 years from 2009 to 2020, and winning a Super Bowl, New Orleans decided to release Morstead during the 2021 offseason. After that, he’d play with the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons in 2021, the Miami Dolphins in 2022, and eventually back to the Jets in 2023.

Now, the 38-year old punter is set to be a free agent. Coming off a season where he led the league in punting yards, there have been some Saints fans vocal about their desire for New Orleans to bring Morstead home.

New Orleans does have Lou Hedley under contract, though. Hedley, from Australia, just completed his rookie season at 30 years old. It was a year that had some ups and downs for the punter, and that’s why there are request for Morstead to return. However, the Saints carrying two punters isn’t happening, so it will most likely be an either or situation.