3 worst-case scenarios for New Orleans Saints in first round of 2023 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints, 2023 NFL Draft
New Orleans Saints, 2023 NFL Draft / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Saints bad scenario No. 1: NFC South foe jumps ahead in Round 1

There was quite the theme this offseason with New Orleans free agents — they kept going to divisional rivals.

Already mentioned were David Onyemata (who went to the Atlanta Falcons) and Shy Tuttle (who went to the Carolina Panthers). They weren't the only players to leave the Saints for another NFC South team either as Andy Dalton signed with Carolina and the Falcons also brought in Kaden Elliss and Ethan Greenidge.

That's not an uncommon theme as teams often target rival players since they see them up close and personal twice per season. They tend to find themselves focused on these players when game-planning, and that could lead to them making a call to their agent once they're available.

With that being said, the final worst-case scenario for New Orleans would involve more poaching from NFC South foes. This time, it would be in the case of one of their three rivals jumping ahead of them to grab a specific target.

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So far, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the one team that hasn't taken anything from the Saints but they do share a couple of the same needs. New Orleans will have to hope they don't decide to get in front of them in order to grab someone they have their hearts set on.