3 Saints offseason decisions that could age poorly

There's a fine line between being pessimistic and being realistic.
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Offseason programs have officially begun this week, which means we have something to talk about between now and when the draft kicks off next Thursday evening. It's been an active offseason for the Saints, but mostly in small ways – of the nine players they've signed since the start of free agency, only one of them – former Dolphins wide receiver Cedrick Wilson – has gotten more than a one-year deal from New Orleans.

That's not to say there haven't been a few noteworthy decisions made this offseason, though. They splurged a bit on one of the market's premier pass rushers, and parted ways with two of the more recognizable franchise "stars" of the last half decade or so. Some of those moves (like letting Michael Thomas walk) may age better than others, but why wait to find out?! This is the NFL – we don't have time for patience. These are the three Saints offseason decisions that could age poorly.

Signing Chase Young

On paper, the Chase Young signing made a ton of sense. The two sides were consistently considered a good match for one another, which the Saints needing all the pass rush help they could get and Young needing a team where he could prove that he's worth a mega-deal next offseason. Now he'll get to lineup on a front that also includes Cam Jordan and Carl Granderson, which should – in theory, at least – give him plenty of opportunities to put up big numbers. And ultimately, a one-year contract worth about $13 million in full isn't a back-breaker on any team – even one in the cap situation that the Saints currently find themselves in. (And Young's deal is structured in a very cap-friendly manner anyways.)

Still, the Young signing doesn't come totally risk free. He's somehow still only 25, but his injury history is well-documented at this point: he's only played in double-digit games twice in his four-year career, and was only a starter in six of the 16 games he appeared in last season. He did match his career-best sack total last year (7.5), but it's hard to believe that a young edge rusher who won Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2020 still hasn't gotten to double-digit sack numbers four years later. He had an up-and-down season in 2023, but it never hurts to play your best game of the year in the Super Bowl. The Saints will happily take between 7-10 sacks from Young, but that doesn't feel anywhere close to a certainty.