3 positions the Saints must address during the draft to remain competitive

With the NFL Draft coming up, the New Orleans Saints need to select the right players at the right positions. Here are 3 positions that must be addressed.
2018 NFL Draft
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1. Defensive tackle

Defensive tackle is a need that hasn’t been talked about as much because of their need for a defensive end. With the signing of Chase Young, the defensive end room is looking a lot better. It could still use work but finding a defensive tackle is currently a much bigger need.

Finding someone who can rush the quarterback would be nice, but finding someone to help stop the run is needed. This offseason, the team lost one of its best run defenders, Malcolm Roach. Last year the Saints were unable to stop the run at certain times. They can’t expect their run defense to get better without addressing it. If the Saints want to be competitive next year they can’t have teams run for 228 yards in a game, like the Atlanta Falcons did in week 12. Not finding someone who can stop this would be a detriment to the team’s success in 2024.

This doesn’t have to be addressed early in the draft. It could be, but it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of late-round options such as Khristian Boyd, who the Saints have had a top-30 visit with, who could come in and fit the role perfectly. It is key to find someone that the Saints like and think could step into that run-defender role. The Saints need to address defensive tackle if they want to be competitive next year.