3 Former Saints we'll be glad are gone, 2 we'll wish stayed

New Orleans Saints
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Change has been the one constant for the New Orleans Saints over the past couple of seasons. They've had to deal with changes under center as well as with their head coach as Sean Payton is now in Denver after spending one year away from the game.

Looking ahead to 2023, there are even more changes in store — including a switch at quarterback once again with Derek Carr now taking over. Some of the changes are welcome and others are not, which is what we look at here with three players fans will be glad left and two they will miss.

Saints player we're glad left: Mark Ingram, RB

Mark Ingram was taken at No. 28 overall by the Saints way back in 2011. The Alabama product has had plenty of success with 8,111 career rushing yards and 65 touchdowns. He did the majority of that damage with New Orleans as he played for them from 2011 through 2018.

Following stints with the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans, he rejoined the Saints in 2021 and stayed for 2022 as well. He was far from the same player we saw early in his career and it's best that he and the team go their separate ways this year.

With Ingram out, they'll turn to Jamaal Williams who will work with Alvin Kamara in their committee backfield. Williams was great for the Detroit Lions last year with a franchise-best 17 touchdown runs. He's younger than Ingram and has less tread on the tires, making this a move fans will be excited to see.