3 difficult decisions New Orleans Saints will need to make this offseason

How different will the Saints look when training camp opens in July?
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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1. What To Do About Michael Thomas

Since putting together four straight 1,000+ yard seasons to being his career (2016-2019), Thomas has failed to even reach 500 yards in the four seasons since. After only appearing in three games last year, Thomas rebounded some this season, playing in 10 games with 39 receptions, 448 yards, and one touchdown. It's a far cry from the 149-catch, 1725 yard season he had in 2019, and with Thomas turning 31 this March, it's fair to wonder if he's just not the same guy anymore. Though he's not technically a free agent this offseason, there's been plenty of speculation about his future in New Orleans – and judging by his own Tweets, he's not super thrilled to be there anymore either. A clean start for both sides looks like the best option at this point.