3 difficult decisions New Orleans Saints will need to make this offseason

How different will the Saints look when training camp opens in July?
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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On paper, the Saints' season could have gone worse. Finishing above .500 – even if it's just by one game – always looks good, especially considering that New Orleans won four of their last five to get there. They also, you may remember, more-or-less got a NFC South rival's head coach fired after beating the breaks off the Falcons in the final game of the year. Unfortunately, that game had more than enough baggage to stay in TV debate shows for the next couple weeks, and Saints fans watched their season become defined by one of the very last plays of the whole year. So if the Saints want to find their way back to the postseason in 2024, here are three tough decisions they'll have to make this offseason.