2024 NFL Mock Draft: What if the Saints trade down in the first round?

The New Orleans Saints could do the impossible for them and trade down in the first round of the draft. Here is how it could look if the Saints did that.
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Round 6 Pick 190: Steele Chambers- Linebacker, Ohio State

At pick 190 the Saints select Steele Chambers, the linebacker from Ohio State. The Saints have done a good job at gaining linebacker depth this offseason. They signed both Willie Gay and Khaleke Hudson. Although they signed both of them, it would still be a good idea to invest in another linebacker.  Chambers is athletic and the Saints could use him for his coverage abilities.

Round 6 Pick 199: Jalen Green- Edge Rusher, James Madison

With their final sixth-round pick, the Saints select Jalen Green, the edge rusher from James Madison. If you want someone with production, Jalen Green is the perfect player. In nine total games with James Madison this past year, he totaled an astonishing 18 sacks. Green is very quick and uses his lack of size to his advantage.

Green is coming off of a knee injury which could cause some concern to NFL teams. He doesn’t contain amazing power either, and he didn’t play a ton of competition in college. However, just based on his production in college, the Saints should roll the dice on Green if he is still available.

Round 7 Pick 239: Joe Milton III: Quarterback, Tennessee

At pick 239 the Saints select Joe Milton III, the quarterback from Tennessee. This pick has low risk and extremely high potential. Milton contains the frame and the arm strength of an elite NFL quarterback. He astonished teams at the combine with his arm power. Milton struggles with accuracy and decision making but if he can fix that he could be a great quarterback at the next level.