2024 NFL Mock Draft: What if the Saints trade down in the first round?

The New Orleans Saints could do the impossible for them and trade down in the first round of the draft. Here is how it could look if the Saints did that.
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Round 3 Pick 80: Malachi Corley- Wide Receiver, Western Kentucky

With pick 80, the Saints pick Malachi Corley, the receiver out of Western Kentucky. As Klint Kubiak enters as the offensive coordinator he will bring traits similar to the San Francisco 49ers offense in past years. A key component of that system is a receiver who can get yards after the catch.

That is the role that Malachi Corley would thrive in. In college, his nickname was the YAC King. Corley had the most screen yards this past year in college football. He could give this offense a new dimension with the ability to go back to the screen passes which worked so well with Sean Payton.

Another thing that Corley does well is blocking on the sideline. Corley is successful in blocking against defensive backs. He isn’t huge, standing at 5-foot-11, 210 pounds but has plenty of power. Corley being built like a running back helps him after the catch as he can plow over smaller defenders. Corley doesn’t have an extensive route tree but that is something that can be developed with further coaching. If Corley is available at this pick the Saints shouldn’t hesitate to run to the podium and select him.