2024 NFL Mock Draft: What if the Saints trade down in the first round?

The New Orleans Saints could do the impossible for them and trade down in the first round of the draft. Here is how it could look if the Saints did that.
Illinois v Minnesota
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The New Orleans Saints haven’t traded down in a draft since 2007. However, this year feels like one in which it could make sense for the Saints to do so. They have many needs that need to be filled if they want to stay competitive next year. Trading back and stocking up on more picks could help make that happen.

In this draft, I traded picks 14 and 174 to the Cincinnati Bengals for picks 18, 80, and 115. This allows New Orleans to have two extra picks in the top 120. This would allow them to fill more holes on the roster with quality players. Here is one way that the Saints could take this draft if they do that trade.

Round 1 Pick 18: Jer’Zhan Newton- Defensive Tackle, Illinois

With the 14th overall pick, I have the Saints selecting Jer’Zhan Newton, the defensive tackle out of Illinois. Although offensive tackle is a massive need, if the Saints love a player like Newton they should pick him up. There are offensive tackle options in other rounds that could help fill out the depth. Jer’Zhan Newton could come in and make a dynamic duo on the interior with him and Bryan Bresee.

Jer’Zhan Newton is a player who is disruptive in both the passing game and the running game. Last year at Illinois, Newton tallied 7.5 sacks. Pairing him with Bresee who had 4.5 sacks this past year, would create havoc for opposing linemen. Newton creates problems in the run game. He can fill holes and make it tough for the running back to find open space. Newton is a leader as he was a team captain at Illinois. That may seem minor but the Saints love selecting team captains.