2 big reasons why the Texans would be a good landing spot for Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints might trade Sean Payton this offseason and if they do, the Houston Texans are probably a team they really would like to send him to. The Texans are armed with the second and 12th overall picks of the 2023 NFL Draft and while NOLA probably isn't getting that No. 2 pick, the No. 12 pick could be negotiable.

Of course, it's not crazy to think that Payton wouldn't want to go to Houston. They won just three games in 2022 and one of those wins took them out of the running to get the No. 1 overall pick. In summary, the Texans have been a disaster over the past few years and Payton not wanting to go there would be understandable.

There could be reasons why Payton might be drawn to the Texans though, as crazy as that sounds.

Why would Sean Payton want the Texans job?

First and foremost, if Payton goes to Houston and the Texans part with their 12th overall pick, he'd be armed with the No. 2 pick and could pick the quarterback he wants to work with during his tenure. Maybe Bryce Young is still there at No. 2, maybe Payton has to go in another direction.

Another reason Payton might want to land in H-Town is that the Texans play in a relatively easy division. The Jaguars won the AFC South with a 9-8 record and the next best team, the Titans, had a 7-10 record. The Colts were terrible and are in QB purgatory so Payton's Texans could easily become a force early on in his tenure.

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At the end of the day, Payton will definitely get a say in where he wants to go, but the Saints will want the best possible deal for their organization as well. The Texans might offer them the most in return for their former head coach.