Did Sean Payton take a shot at the Saints with recent comments?

Sean Payton, Denver Broncos
Sean Payton, Denver Broncos / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The relationship between Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints sure is interesting. It took another turn with Payton's recent comments regarding the Saints.

It's no secret that the shared present relationship between Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints has some tension in it, despite their shared past. It's pretty understandable why. The greatest coach in franchise history (by a mile) basically quit on the Saints after Drew Brees retired and things were looking bleak. Sure, they got a first-round pick out of him joining the Denver Broncos, but some wounds stay fresher longer than others.

Time is probably the biggest factor in healing any wound though, and things were looking that way for a bit. Of course, Payton's Broncos never took the field yet, but despite that, his recent comments may have Saints fans fired up for the upcoming season.

When speaking to Sports Illustrated regarding Draft and general offseason prep, Payton had this interesting comment to say:

"The analytics department is something that is on a different level here. I’m like that driver of a new car that still hasn’t figured out how to get the seat warmers on. It’s pretty impressive, and it’s new for me in a good way. I’m talking about the efficiency of the process. We weren’t as far ahead [in New Orleans] when we were looking at some of these players as to being able to pick up and access the information as quickly."

Sean Payton

Look if you're trying to hype up your team to drive excitement and confidence in the offseason that's totally fine. The thing is, the comparison/put-down on the Saints just seemed unnecessary. Perhaps it's a more sensitive subject being on this side of the fence, but still it feels a bit odd.

At the end of the day, this really doesn't matter much. By this Thursday, there will be much bigger to fry. That said, we're that much more fired up for the New Orleans Saints to kick off, and prove SOME people wrong.

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