Bart Scott speaks the truth about the Saints to Stephen A. Smith

New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

When it comes to the New Orleans Saints and their early expectations for the upcoming season, it’s easy to see why many fans, analysts, and pundits don’t ever give them the credit they deserve. It all most likely stems from the fact that without quarterback Drew Brees under center anymore, many don’t believe the Saints have what it takes to be a playoff-contending team destined for a championship run.

Last season, the Saints were second in the NFC South and ended at 9-8. Unfortunately, they were on the outside looking in and missed the NFL Playoffs. Had they won just another game or two, it would have been an entirely different story but that was then and well, this is now.

At this point in time, the Saints do have what it takes to be a playoff-contending team as they made some solid additions this offseason and should be better on the gridiron than last season. A lot of their core veterans are a season better and everything should come together for hopefully, a fun and exciting playoff run in 2022.

Bart Scott sets the record straight to Stephen A. Smith about the Saints

Of course, the Saints will always have a ton of naysayers across the football world, especially a certain Stephen A. Smith about what this team can truly accomplish in 2022. On a recent episode of ESPN First Take, you have to hear what Scott told Smith when the topic of quarterback Jameis Winston came up. Take a look:

Yes, we all know that Winston isn’t on the level of Brees. That doesn’t make him a terrible quarterback, he obviously has an entirely different skill-set but still has all the tools needed to succeed. The truth of the matter is, the Saints just need him to do what he does best, control what he can control, and they’ll be just fine in 2022.

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Overall, what Scott told Smith wasn’t anything that Saints Nation wasn’t already aware of. This can actually be a great thing for the football world to sleep on the Saints. That way, when they start racking up wins consistently and truly being a force to reckon with not only in the NFC South but to any opponent in front of them, it’ll make Smith and all the naysayers eat their words. Especially if Winston plays to the level we all know he can once the regular season is here.