Saints fans wish they could forget about Eli Apple’s tenure in NOLA

New Orleans Saints cornerback Eli Apple (25) -Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
New Orleans Saints cornerback Eli Apple (25) -Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

The New Orleans Saints have had some not-so-good players in their franchise’s history but a recent name that fans might wish never donned the black and gold is Eli Apple.

Randy Gurzi of NFL Spin Zone put together a fun article where he picked one player from each team that fans probably wish had never played for that team. He chose Eli Apple as the Saints’ candidate.

Fans probably already know where this is headed but this is what Gurzi had to say about his selection:

"When he left, there didn’t seem to be any ill will but then suddenly, Apple started to go off the deep end on Twitter. He attacked the Saints as a team, the fan base, and even the city.Apple made fun of the fact that they overpay Taysom Hill — which is comical what they pay a special teams player but the fans love him for some reason — said they will be losers now that Sean Payton is gone and said the city “stinks.”"

Yeah, Apple’s attacks on the Saints and the city of New Orleans came out of left field. As Gurzi mentioned, there really didn’t seem to be anything brewing between the two during his time in the Big Easy but for whatever reason, he went off on the organization.

Fans wish Eli Apple never played for the Saints.

By the time he arrived in New Orleans, Apple was trending heavily toward getting that first-round bust label slapped on him. He went 10th overall to the Giants in the 2016 NFL Draft and didn’t even make it through his third year with the G-Men due to inconsistent play.

Apple’s inconsistencies continued during his time with the Saints and it wasn’t a surprise that he landed elsewhere in 2020. He played with the Panthers for one year and then signed with the Bengals in 2021.

Saints fans were definitely chuckling when Apple got a huge slice of humble pie on the NFL’s biggest stage. He got burned by Cooper Kupp on the Rams’ game-winning touchdown and got roasted for it by fans from pretty much every fan base.

While I’m not sure Apple would be my pick for this entry (Brandon Browner, anyone?), it’s not crazy to see why Gurzi went with him for the Saints’ selection. He had a below-average career in New Orleans and then blasted the city, the team, and the fans for no reason.

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I wouldn’t be said if his time in NOLA was erased from history, that’s for sure.