Saints Schedule Rumors: Week 3 vs Bengals slated for primetime

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New Orleans Saints schedule rumors are floating around everywhere and while we won’t know the official schedule until it drops on Thursday night, it’s still fun to discuss these rumors.

One of the more intriguing “schedule leaks” is a potential Week 3 game pitting the Saints against the reigning AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals.

As most Louisianians know, the Bengals are led by Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, two key players in the LSU Tigers winning the National Championship in the 2019 college football season. It’ll be hard to root against Burrow and Chase but Saints fans will if they have to.

Saints Schedule Rumors: NOLA vs Cincy in Week 3?

After Drew Brees retired last offseason, Saints fans weren’t sure what their primetime slate would look like in the post-Brees years but they received plenty of primetime attention. This year, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had fewer games in primetime but Saints fans are dedicated and the NFL knows if they put the black and gold on TV, New Orleans will watch.

As of this writing, three other Saints games have potentially been leaked but none of them are night games. There’s rumored to be a Week 4 game in London against the Vikings, a late afternoon game against the 49ers in Week 7, and a game slated for a noon kickoff against the Steelers in Week 13.

We obviously won’t know for sure what the schedule will look like until the official one is released on Thursday night but this is a good start and I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason we’re not hearing about many primetime games for New Orleans is that they won’t have many.

After all, the Saints were always a fun watch in primetime last year. The games against both the Cowboys and Bills were dumpster fires and don’t even get me started on that lackluster game in Seattle where the Saints narrowly found a way to win despite not having much offense.

Truth be told, if the Saints only get one primetime game, I’d much rather it come against a team like the Bengals than against the Buccaneers for the gazillionth time (although it is fun watching Tom Brady get sacked a bunch in primetime).

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What are your thoughts on these potential “leaked” games?