Saints UDFA Smoke Monday is quickly becoming a fan favorite

Smoke Monday (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)
Smoke Monday (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints might not have drafted a safety but they landed a fun one in undrafted free agency. Smoke Monday signed with the team shortly after the draft concluded and he’s already become a fan favorite in the Big Easy.

On Saturday night, Monday took to Instagram to express his annoyance at the Falcons for not drafting him. He mentioned that he’s looking forward to facing Atlanta twice a year. For the record, Monday was born in Atlanta, so obviously he’s going to feel snubbed by his hometown team not drafting him.

Not only did Monday fire shots at the Falcons, a team that Saints fans hate, but he also was spotted wearing a Drew Brees jersey on Instagram. That’s an instant thumbs up for Saints fans.

New Saints UDFA Smoke Monday is doing all of the right things

Talking crap on the Falcons? Check.

Wearing a Drew Brees jersey? Check.

Yeah, Monday is already fitting in with Saints fans.

The Auburn defensive back surprisingly went undrafted after typically being looked at as a Day 3 prospect. New Orleans wisely scooped him up and he has a legit chance to make some serious noise with this team over the summer.

Lance Zierlein of had this to say on his draft profile of Monday:

"Two-year starter with a fierce field demeanor but limitations that could be a concern in the passing game. Monday’s an alpha with hitting always on his mind, but occasionally the big-game hunting will lead to missed tackles. He lacks top-end speed to stay connected for long periods of time and his instincts and play recognition can be spotty when processing. Monday should find a role as a force player near the line of scrimmage but his ceiling might be dictated by how a team decides to use him."

It doesn’t appear that Monday will be starting material for the Saints but with how deep they like their secondary to be, having him as a backup wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. He’s someone who I could definitely see impressing in preseason and working his way into a roster spot, especially with the need at safety.

Here’s another quote from Zierlein’s draft analysis:

"“When all his teammates were opting out of their bowl game, Smoke opted in because he couldn’t imagine not playing in an extra game. I want those kinds of guys on my field.” — Executive for NFC team"

Smoke Monday is already winning the hearts of Saints fans.

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Let’s hope he ends up making the team and making a splash as a member of the New Orleans Saints.