New Orleans Saints UDFA Abram Smith could shake up RB depth chart

Abram Smith (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
Abram Smith (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints have always been able to get the most out of their UDFAs and this year feels promising with the group they were able to sign. Abram Smith, a running back out of Baylor, was one of the intriguing additions.

Smith might have gone undrafted but that happens pretty frequently for running backs, as the position isn’t as highly valued in the draft as it used to be. Chargers RB Austin Ekeler went undrafted when he was coming out of college and he’s become of the best running backs in the league.

New Orleans needed to add a running back at some point this offseason whether it was through free agency, the draft, or undrafted free agency. Abram Smith is someone who could most definitely make a splash with this team over training camp and preseason games.

New Orleans Saints might have found solid RB with Abram Smith

During his senior year at Baylor, Smith ran the ball 257 times for 1,601 yards and found the end zone 12 times. He wasn’t utilized much as a pass-catcher, hauling in just 13 catches for 75 yards, but he definitely made magic happen whenever he carried the rock.

Prior to his senior year, Smith had just 12 carries in 2018 and 2019 before moving to linebacker in 2020. Baylor moved him back to running back for his senior season and he exploded onto the scene. The performance wasn’t enough to get him drafted but Smith could definitely make waves in New Orleans.

As of now, the running back position consists of Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, Tony Jones Jr., and Josh Adams with Adam Prentice serving as the fullback. Kamara is the only true lock to make the roster but he’s facing legal issues at the moment so a suspension could happen.

Ingram is nearing the end of his career, Jones didn’t impress during the limited opportunities he had, and Adams will have to work his tail off if he wants to make the team.

This opens the door for Smith to step in and become a running back that the Saints can’t imagine their roster without. Jones made this kind of jump last year with an impressive preseason and in turn, New Orleans parted ways with Latavius Murray, which bumped Jones into a higher role.

Perhaps the same could happen this year only with Smith taking someone’s job.

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Out of all of the UDFAs the Saints brought in, Abram Smith is definitely someone to watch for this summer.