NOLA Saints are a top potential landing spot for Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Kyler Murray (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The NOLA Saints brought back Jameis Winston on a two-year deal but that won’t eliminate them as a potential candidate for Kyler Murray should the Cardinals quarterback hit the trade market.

According to Tom Pelissero, Murray has not received a contract offer from Arizona. While the Cardinals organization insists that Murray won’t be traded, we hear that all the time from teams, and then a trade ends up going down; A recent example of this is the Seahawks with Russell Wilson.

If Murray does become made available in a trade, it makes sense as to why the Saints would be a potential trade partner with the Cardinals.

First and foremost, New Orleans might have re-signed Jameis Winston but not many people seem to believe he’s anything more than a short-term option. Winston has been a team player since joining the Saints but this year will be important for him to prove that he can be the guy… that’s assuming he even gets a chance to step out there and be the quarterback of the Saints.

Is Kyler Murray an option for NOLA Saints?

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports came up with 10 possible destinations for Murray if the Cardinals opt to trade him and the Saints were really high on the list, coming in at No. 3. NOLA trailed only the Panthers and Eagles on Benjamin’s list.

Here’s what Benjamin had to say about including New Orleans on this list:

"They tried for Watson, so they’d surely try for Murray. Yes, they’ve since paid Jameis Winston as a short-term starter, but they could ship him to Arizona in a heartbeat. With two top-20 picks in 2022, they could make a strong offer and use their notorious cap manipulation to squeeze him in, pairing him with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas to compete right away in the NFC South."

The point about the team heavily pursuing Deshaun Watson is one that I didn’t really even think of when it comes to a possible push for adding Murray. It does make sense though; If the Saints were willing to give up quite a bit to add Watson, why wouldn’t they throw their hat into the ring for Murray’s services?

Armed with two first-round picks, New Orleans would have the right draft capital to send to Arizona and they’d now have a young quarterback with a ton of upside.

While I like Murray, there are some things about him that concern me. The first is that he gets off to a hot start but then seems to falter down the stretch. Another is that he appears to be the kind of player that gets flustered when things aren’t going his way. The Saints have a good locker room situation and I’d hate for Murray to come in and disrupt that.

With all of that being said, Murray turns 25 this summer and has thrown for over 3,700 yards in each of his three seasons while also tossing for at least 20 touchdowns during that time as well. He’s also an incredible running quarterback, tallying over 400 yards rushing in each of his three seasons while tacking on at least four rushing touchdowns during that time. He had 11 rushing touchdowns in 2020.

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If Kyler Murray is made available in a trade, don’t be shocked to see the NOLA Saints making a push for the former Oklahoma quarterback.