Saints: Crazy rumor would get Tom Brady out of the NFC South

Tom Brady (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Tom Brady (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

While the New Orleans Saints haven’t had any issues dealing with Tom Brady in their division (at least not in the regular season), it’d be better not having him around. If nothing else, it’d make the Buccaneers a much weaker team and that’d make Saints fans happy.

Well, according to Dan Mennella of Audacy Sports, Tom Brady is reportedly trying to get out of Tampa Bay and move to another NFL city. Mennella shared a tweet from veteran broadcaster Dale Arnold where Arnold said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Brady left Tampa.

The important thing to note from these tweets that Mennella included was the bottom one where it’s mentioned that Arnold was the first to report that Brady heading to Tampa was done. He’s not just another talking head. There’s truth to what he says.

Arnold might not be full of crap but I find it hard to believe that the Bucs would part ways with the greatest quarterback of all-time who shocked the world by unretiring. He’s been a key part in getting back some of the talent for the Bucs this offseason so why do all of that and then just leave? It doesn’t make any sense.

Saints would love to see Tom Brady leave the NFC South

Another reason I find it hard to believe that Brady would want to switch to the Dolphins is that the AFC is stacked. Brady has it good in the NFC right now only really having to compete with the Packers and Rams to get to the Super Bowl. If he moves back to the AFC, he’d be dealing with the Bills, Chiefs, and Bengals to name a few contenders.

This NFL offseason has been absolutely wild though so would we really be surprised to see this happen?

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If it does, the NFC becomes even more easier and hey, the New Orleans Saints would have a legitimate shot to win the division. Leave, Brady, leave!