Saints Free Agency: Signing Daniel Sorensen is not a good move

Daniel Sorensen (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Daniel Sorensen (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

We’re starting to see Saints free agency pick up a little more. The New Orleans Saints agreed to terms on a one-year deal with safety Daniel Sorensen and it’s a move that has fans a little confused, to say the least.

Sorensen doesn’t seem like a bad guy by any means but he’s not a good football player. In fact, last year he was one of the worst safeties in the entire league and whenever a player had a huge touchdown or massive play against the Chiefs, they were usually going up against Sorensen.

Just enter Daniel Sorensen’s name in the search bar on Twitter and you can quickly find out why this move is so perplexing. The guy was not good and now he’ll be joining a Saints team that’s forced to try to fill the void of Marcus Williams.

The Saints previously brought in Marcus Maye and I was fine with that move. Maye provides an experienced safety who could be had for a cheaper price than Williams. Why add Sorensen though? He’s proven he can’t cover anyone.

Saints Free Agency: Why sign Daniel Sorensen?

Maybe this is a move to help the team more on the special teams side of things, which would be a better plan in my book than having Sorensen out there on defense. He’s a liability in coverage, proven by his 46.3 PFF grade.

The Saints obviously saw something in Sorensen that the rest of us can’t see. He was terrible defensively for Kansas City, not just last year but in the years before that.

On special teams, he’s fine though and that’s the only reason I’m not throwing things at the wall after hearing about this news. The biggest play I can remember Sorensen making on special teams was during the 2019 playoffs when the Texans attempted a fake punt in their own territory. Sorensen was the only man the player with the ball had to beat and he had sniffed out the fake and gave his team the ball back deep in Houston’s territory.

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That’s Sorensen’s legacy for the Chiefs but the fans were over him after just a few games in the 2021 season, if not earlier. This is a weird move by the New Orleans Saints but I’ll trust the front office and see what they have in store.