Saints free agent Terron Armstead is a popular target for Bengals fans

Terron Armstead, New Orleans Saints (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)
Terron Armstead, New Orleans Saints (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images) /

One of the biggest names hitting free agency for the New Orleans Saints is left tackle, Terron Armstead. After nine years, Armstead is slated to become a free agent, and more than likely, he’ll be donning another uniform in 2022 and beyond.

This isn’t because Armstead is bad by any means. The Saints would love to have Armstead back on the left side of the line in 2022 but the fact of the matter is that the guy can’t stay healthy. The injuries paired with Armstead’s age (he’s turning 31 in July) is why NOLA needs to move on from their long-time left tackle.

A team like the Cincinnati Bengals, who just lost in the Super Bowl to the Rams, could desperately use Armstead due to their struggling offensive line.

Since the Super Bowl wrapped up on Sunday, Bengals fans have been all over Twitter clamoring for Armstead to play for Cincinnati in 2022 and beyond.

Saints free agent Terron Armstead destined to be a Bengal

During Armstead’s time in New Orleans, he’s made it to three Pro Bowls and been a top left tackle but that’s not enough anymore when he can’t stay healthy.

With Spotrac projecting Armstead’s market value to be in the four years/$95 million range, that’s just too rich for New Orleans’ blood. They can’t afford to shell out just shy of $100 million for an oft-injured left tackle.

Diving further into Armstead’s injury history, the guy has never played in a full regular season and this past year, he played in just eight games. If the Bengals want to back up the Brinks truck for Armstead and run the risk of him being injured for half the year, let them make that mistake.

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It’ll be hard to see Terron Armstead playing elsewhere but the fans seem to be okay with the team moving on from him and it’s not hard to see why.